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Its been acouple of days and I havent seen Mazy, neither in IRC nor MSN, His site isnt updated so i started to wonder. Some other people was wondering too so i decided to call his bro yesturday. It was a girl that answered and i asked if [his name here] was there, she said no and i asked were i could reatch him, then she hang up. So i called Mazys home but no answer there. So i called his bro for the last time, but no answer. Mazy if you read this, please give us a life sign beacuse mapcore is worried !!!

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Thought about posting about it on the forums but I thought that would be a bit too off topic.

Anyway, my ISP are fucking retards and my net has been down for over a week now, hopefully it will be back up again soon. But I really appreciate the concern, big <3 ;)

Oh and the girl you got when you called my bro was his ex gf who is pretty crappy at swedish and english, she called my bro yesterday and told him that somebody had called ;)

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:lol: wata

no one ever called me :cry:


oh yeah, wedge antilles (he's registered at mapcore), a brazilian buddy, called my aunt in the other side of the country to ask her if I was really dead lol (I had posted in the brazilian mapping community that I was dead, I thought they wouldn't even care but they did heh). Then my aunt called me, she was so scared and shit and the only thing I could do was laughing :D

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