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Quake IV multiplayer / vehicle videos


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Omg you stole my words D3!

Multiplayer looks fun but the vehicles don't do much for me.

/me sues D3

Haha, I didn't know you were on here like. I just copied the post because it made sense and I was feeling lazy :P

I'm still looking forward to Q4, but it does have more than a few gaps in atmosphere to Q2, to me it doesn't look like Stroggos, but hey it's not done yet so we'll wait and see. I think the vehicle stuff is quite cool though...

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Haha no worries I was just amazed I came up with the word vehicular :o

I feel the same way about the atmosphere although it seems to have come along from the first unveiling. I think it's more that I'm not a real fan of slow chunky vehicles than them not actually being any good (although I'd love to use the loader from Aliens).

I have real mixed feelings on this which is kinda cool in a way, it's the first game in a while that I really want to play to find out what it contains. Most games today are spoilt before you even play them.

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