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Incoming Source Weekly Update [09/16/05]


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The first Incoming Source Weekly Update. One of many. I have every friday up until December planned with media packed updates. Each week is expected to contain two images along with one video, usually relating to one another. This week is the unvieling of one of our many completed maps, inm_nanko. We have included two images, which can also be seen in the media section of the website, along with a map preview video of inm_nanko. You guys are lucky this week as well. You get a sample of one of our soundtracks found in the map preview video.

So we hope you enjoy the media and for those that love this stuff, we have a progress update:

-Gladiator Vehicle texture begun.

-Penguin Vehicle texture finished.

-FNC30 Weapon model begun.

-Steyr-M being retextured.

-Sako TRG mesh almost done.

-Trojan Player Model texture begun.

-Arm models finished and rigged.

-Raptor Model and Texture complete.

-Prop Models underway:

>>African Tree

>>Swamp Tree (3 variations)

>>Rope Bridge (2 variations)

>>City Buildings

-Weapon Codes updated (Stance-based accuracry. Crouch = better aim, etc) --- added to tech demo.

-Steyr M pistol added to tech demo.

-MP5 added to tech demo.

-Over 20 new gun sounds developed. (400 total including the origional incoming gun sounds).

-Soundtrack has started.

-Sniper Rifle animations have begun and are underway (Sako TRG-22).

-w_steyr and p_steyr ingame and working.

-4 new maps in development.

-alien (Altair) Concept finalized.

-Human Drop Ship model (Angel) complete.

-6 new weapon concepts.

-20 new textures added.


So that is it for this week! Come back next friday for 2 new images and a new video of something that will be just as awesome!.


Weekly Update Media:


inmnanko1low6kh.th.jpg inmnanko38ee.th.jpg inmnanko61cd.th.jpg


inm_nanko preview video *CLICK*


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