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Game MOD : "FTL" : Sci-Fi universe


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Hello, my name is Gordon Gavin. I and a small group of others are working on the conception of a completely original sci-fi universe with the hopes of converting our efforts into a game format. We are beginning by testing our ideas in game modding.

I am in charge of the "Nemesis" an amphibian/reptilian species. I am the lead concept artist for them, but due to increasingly overwhelming real life responsibilities, I am often taken away from my work on this project. I am looking for an artist who can assist me in creating environments of existence for this species, as well as vehicles and weapons. The artist will be under my mentorship and I will be the guiding force behind the visual aesthetic of the Nemesis, but I am always willing to assimilate new ideas into the project. The visual feel I am looking for in this species will be very industrial and gritty, so artists who are strong in bringing out this look are encouraged to apply.

In addition, we are also looking for web artists who can help us build our website. If you have skills in this area and would like to contribute please read on.

Some background info on the project:

"Space Combat", our working title, began as an idea for a total conversion mod for Battlefield 1942. Since then, it has grown and become its own entity, spawning its own text RPG, various fiction, and several minor species. This universe revolves around the conflicts between 4 main species: the Raath, the Nemesis, the Tachor, and humans.

Please refer to this website for more images of the Nemesis if you are interested:

The Nemesis Concept Database




Please refer to this link for the design document on the Nemesis species: (best viewed in MSWord)

The Nemesis: A Field Guide

Please feel free to send any questions to my email: SpaceCombat@gmail.com

or to post on our forums: Space Combat Forum

Any artist who wishes to apply must submit a portfolio of relevant work.

Our team is very supportive of each other and we are looking for other individuals who can be as committed to the success of this project as we are. Unfortunately, this is not a paying position as we are all poor college students or young professionals like you! This is an excellent opportunity for artists who seek to expand their portfolio in relation to concept art as well as an opportunity for learning and sharing knowledge.

I look forward to reviewing your portfolios!

Thank you for your time.


Gordon Gavin


Here are links to artwork in other areas of the mod.

Human : Corporate Protectorate : Bluejay Fighter CONCEPT

Human : Corporate Protectorate : Bluejay Fighter BLUEPRINTS

Human : Corporate Protectorate : Bluejay Fighter MODEL

Human : Corporate Protectorate : Enhanced Mobility Unit CONCEPT

Human : Corporate Protectorate : Enhanced Mobility Unit MODEL

Tachor : Corvette MODEL

Raath : Global Pacifier BLUEPRINTS

Raath : Global Pacifier MODEL

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