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Back from the shadows after 4 years in the dark. We're here to reignite the fire. Welcome back, old friend. Let's play POLYSTRIKE STANDALONE 

The story of how it all began: 

2016-2018 It all started with the fact that around 2016-17 I created de dust 2 in DOTA 2, and it caused a great response in the DOTA 2 community. I was thinking about the idea of how to make a cool mod and whether it is possible to make a shooter there, because there were many technical limits and other problems on Source 2 and new hammer for DOTA 2. From the end of 2017 to the middle of 2018, there was a break due to the fact that I broke my arm at work and was in a cast for 3 and a half months and
several months of rehabilitation, so I was out for about a year. And only at the end of 2018, I started developing PolyStrike almost every day.



2019 That year, the map, gameplay elements, store, menu, interface and settings were already ready in PolyStrike. We recreated everything even more, we had a lot that was not even in the original Counter-Strike as skins, and female skins for characters. Even then, many well-known streamers, professional CS and Dota players started writing to me. And also many interviews for well-known mass media in different countries from Europe to Latin America and Asia.


2020-2022 - Exactly 4 years ago, PolyStrike was released on Steam on the 8 April and updated 30th April! I'm adding some statistics from steam, because I haven't supported the game for several years and it's not working, the rating has dropped accordingly and the number of subscribers has also dropped. But 200 thousand was not bad for just fashion. Later, I received several messages from various studios from Canada, Korea and the USA that they want to buy the rights or jointly create with me Polystrike as standalone game on mobile and on PC. At the end of 2021, I had 6 rounds of negotiations with potential investors and a large fund that initiated it and even wanted to make a company in the USA and attract investors, invest myself and have the right to buy the option. Also, I had negotiations with e-sports organizations such as Gfinity. It was all just incredible. But at the beginning of the year, unfortunately, russia attacked my country. I lost my best friends whom I had known since I was 6 years old, we went to sports together, went for walks, had many common hobbies and I did not understand what was being done and it was very difficult for me psychologically and I just started volunteering for a while, driving people who lost their homes , wearing body armor, doing a lot of things, and visiting the wounded and buying them everything they needed, I was living the war at that time. I will not tell in detail everything that happened later and what I faced, but I moved to Europe where I started treatment in Munich, and I live in Poland right now.


What do we have now?


2023-Now All you need to know is that I am successfully continuing my treatment and have successfully started development at the end of 2023 POLYSTRIKE Standalone on UE 5.4 

After correspondence with a lawyer from Valve, I decided to make absolutely everything from scratch, and not use Valve's IP. So the story, lore, maps, weapons, characters, sounds and all 2D, 3D content will be our own.


High-level Details

Brief Story:

In the near future, artificial intelligence revolutionized the world, rendering most professions obsolete and ushering in an era of automation. With the AI's strict control, life became a struggle for survival, devoid of indulgences like smoking, drinking, and leisure. People were compelled to dedicate themselves to constant learning, their education compressed into a mere fraction of what once constituted university study. Nations and laws faded into obscurity as AI dominance solidified, dividing humanity into two opposing factions: the Iron Will, who embraced AI control for its efficiency and order, and the Vanguard freedom-seekers, who rebelled against the constraints of AI rule, yearning for autonomy and the right to express themselves. Now, amidst this turbulent divide, a fierce battle ensues for the future of humanity, as each side fights to impose its vision upon a world torn between progress and liberty.

Main Objective: The main objective of POLYSTRIKE is to lead your faction to victory by dominating the battlefield and securing control over critical objectives.

Gameplay Pillars:

Dynamic Combat: The game offers fast-paced, action-packed combat where players must adapt quickly to changing situations and utilize a diverse arsenal of weapons and abilities.

Tactical Strategy: Players must employ strategic thinking and teamwork to outmaneuver opponents and control key objectives on the battlefield.

Competitive Skill: Skillful play is rewarded as players master the nuances of movement, aiming, and timing to gain the upper hand in battles and contribute to their team's success.

Interactive Environment: Polystrike offers a dynamic and immersive world where the environment is not just a backdrop but a crucial aspect of gameplay. Players can interact with their surroundings, breaking walls for strategic advantages, destroying objects to create cover or obstruct pathways, and utilizing environmental elements to gain the upper hand in battles. The sounds of the environment are not just background noise but integral cues that players can use to their advantage, enhancing situational awareness and strategic decision-making. This integration of the environment into gameplay adds an extra layer of depth and realism, allowing for emergent tactics and memorable moments in every match.


We have a powerful team of 16 people at the moment, 5 UE devs, the main dev has experience working at Intel. We also have an artist who currently works for at Valve, a very talented character designer who created characters for famous games such as Mafia, Starfield etc. Technical director and visual effects artist worked on few known titles at Activision, Valorant, and many other people who also not new in the industry. You will be surprised, but most of them work for the idea and with faith in the project. Some have signed a contract with me and I pay them, and all these things are generally available in the team and everyone knows how the team is doing, who else we need, and understand that this is a startup and I finance the entire budget from my own pocket. We may be able to launch the game without a publisher and an investor, because we will develop the game until the end, we do not have goals to earn millions from the game, we have a goal to create a really high-quality and cool product with a fantastic team. Some things still need raised capital, so far I got over 100k a few weeks ago, but I think that after a while the number can double, so I'm thinking about the idea of creating a Patreon. Or searching for grants, for example from Epic Games (15-150k). 


Exclusive content for Mapcore *You won't find it anywhere else but here








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