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Hi, i start work on new project with my team (HelMap, Orel, clapotron), for this Big Adventure Contest. 

It will be Bridge. Soon we'll show some screens and schemes of that map.

We decided to change the setting, as it didn't fit our idea very well.

So here's Wrecked

The setting is India, a shipwreck. 

It is important for us to convey not only the atmosphere, but to keep a quality competitive experience, with some special features, for more fun. 



Picture background


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This time, a post about layout and an idea we want to pursue. 

A little bit about gameplay ideas. 
The main emphasis in the map we put on dynamism, positioning, as well as ease of perception. In my opinion, overly complex levels - do not give a pleasant feedback. As a player, I want to fight, beat opponents in a fair fight, and outplay them with the skills of cunning.
That's why we create a map simple enough for perception, with spices added where they are really necessary. 

Also, I'd like to share with you, with the first full build, so you can have a look at the map for yourself. 

Wrecked workshop link!
This is far from the final result, but my team and I are proud to have this version that we are not ashamed to show everyone. 

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Wrecked! Huge update!
We did a couple of playtests, and realized that our map, wasn't working the way we wanted it to. So we decided to go back to work on the scheme. As a result, here's the new scheme, and the updated map will be out this week! 

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