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the revolution controller


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Why should Nintendo focus on hardware heavy HD gaming? HDTVs are mildly popular in USA and even less so in Japan, tho there are very little applications to use one, but I'm pretty sceptical about their popularity in the future, it could easily take 3-4 years before 1/3 of the televisions in USA and Japan have been changed, push back the release of the HD dvd formats do not help the situation in no way.

And when we look at Europe, where about 1-3% of the televisions are HDTVs and the popularity is not rising in any way, which reflects pretty much the situation in the rest of the world.

I'll see the boom of HDTV sets when the HD dvd movies start to pour on the market with great volumes and stores start to carry them in shelfs, before that, I don't think people are ready to shell up 2000€ for a HDTV they can only take advantage with a gaming console.

Besides, Nintendo has a clear advantage here because they didn't go with the HD crap, they can produce high quality graphics with less computing power, smaller resolution = less computing power wasted, they can make the console cheaper, and it is cheaper to make games for their console AND like the Square Enix guy said about the Xenon, HD video takes up so much space that a normal DVD can't handle long videos, so Nintendo erased that problem too, no HD video so it can easily fit on a DVD.

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I know one person with a HDTV... in the world.

Lets face the facts people, no one cares about it.

skdr is no nintendo fan!

Anyway, great I wont be anywhere near a computer on friday and the many days after :( I hope it's not too out there, needs to be something that can translate to the types of games we already have, but still opening the way for something new - just like the DS.

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I think there might be a touch screen on the revolution controller too, or I sure hope so, it's the best FPS controller since mouse and keyboard combo.

But there is no telling what it might be since they are japanese, they can come up with anything, some weird crazy shit I believe. It could be bukkake doll or a human thumb!

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