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Game boy micro!


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I love Nintendo and all, but it seems really stupid to me, but maybe thats because Ive jumped on the PSP wagon :G

Anyway, for anybody that still plays alot of GBA and travels light then I could see its purpose, but otherwise it seems like dud to me.

I just really want to support Nintendo, but it just seems kinda pointless to me, considering that I find the GBA SP small enough anyway.


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This is exactly why I hate Apple iPod line, you got a player, AND YOU MAKE ANOTHER ONE JUST LIKE IT!

I have worked for advertising agencies and even I can't figure out how to sell these new iPod anus and GBA yetanotheronebutsmaller.

Even as a person who doesn't own original GBA but I own DS to play those GBA games (can't play older tho) I'm not seeing any good reason to buy one. Maybe I'll buy one and mod it in to a 8-bit nes controller and sell it on ebay for rediculous price.

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Apple have its couple of people who buy everything they release, even if it was a hot burning turd, imean shuffle, a mp3 player without a screen. People pays for the design and the brand (the ipod quality isnt bad, infact its really nice) and when young people see who...celiberty like Paris Hilton they think its so cool so they wanna be just them/her. IMO Its the same with PSP, I understand if real gamers want it when you see Paris Hilton own it, it just gets silly. I have both GBA SP and DS so im not gonna buy a micro. They look nice and all but im more into the play quality then the design (in sertain cases). I think micro is just released in Japan btw since my sister was there and she told me about "something new from nintendo".

and ya Kosmo, I'm pretty sure you can mod your DS to play all kinda old games if you want to.

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i'm gonna get me one of these :P i don't have a gba/sp, only a colour, ds, and gameboy player on my gamecube (<3)

sony have given work our psp collection, so no need for that, and lets be honest.. i'm gonna play one game currently known of, GTA. Theres nothing else i want to play.

I have a job so i can buy silly novelty things, it's what we have jobs for :P

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