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Available on the Steam Workshop!

This is my 5v5 competitive bomb-defusal map, and I am collaborating with @Axesh and @ethurs, who are primarily responsible for the environment art of the map.
Set in the Kansai region of Japan, terrorists plan to attack the shrine and onsen to disrupt the tourism. It's up to the counter-terrorists to stop the oncoming attacks.
Initial Post:

Hey everyone, glad to be back after 5 years. :D I was working on remaking two of my old maps (including Luau from the Exotic Places Contest back in 2019) before I saw this announcement. I figure I start a thread here because it helps keep me actively engaged on the project, which was one of my big motivators back during the previous contest. 

Since I want to avoid the trouble of the "remakes", I decided to start on something new. After brainstorming some ideas, I decided to settle on "de_taisha". It's a bomb-defusal map set in Japan, taking place near a taisha and an onsen. I settled on this thought after I recently took a trip to Japan in December. I thought not only would it be an interesting setting since it's based around my own "adventure" there, but it's also a step away from some of the more modern and slick architectural Japanese-based maps.

Some of my references will mostly be based on the Biwako Ryokusuitei onsen in Ogoto and the Fushimi Inari Taisha in Kyoto.

Fushimi Inari Taisha 伏見稲荷大社 – Kyoto, Japan – i am uniquely and wonderfully  made.Biwako Ryokusuitei, Otsu – Updated 2024 PricesFushimi Inari Taisha | Discover KyotoBiwako Ryokusuitei, Lake Biwa | SELECTED ONSEN RYOKAN | best in japan,  private hot spring hotel, open air bath, luxury stay

I'll make sure to include the workshop link on this page when it does come out for playtesting. Best of luck to everyone!






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Updated as of 6/30/2024
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Posted (edited)

Hey everyone! Been a couple days, but I just finished up a basic graybox of the map. I have some timings and positioning things I have to fix up, and hopefully by Friday I can have a more complete-ish look and feel to the map and gameplay.

T Spawn:


A Main:


A site: 


CT Main (A site):


CT Spawn:


CT stairs to B site:


B Site:


B Main:





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  • AlphaOwl changed the title to Taisha [WIP]

Since my last post, I've reworked a couple of areas to provide more spacious engagements and to balance the timings for Ts coming into either site. Workshop link should be coming with a3, which I intend to tidy up on skybox issues, clipping, and some more detailing. I have a playtest on April 23rd on the Mapcore Discord, so if you're interested in playtesting the map and providing feedback, please come! Here's what this new version has to offer:

Redesigned lower B main, and added new entrance directly through T spawn.


Added small hut building to T spawn to provide cover for saving.


CT Middle redesigned for simplistic yet open peeks.


(Visual redesign) New look at B main. Reoriented position of mini stands.


Raised positioning of slopes next to B main for accuracy to detail and more simplistic angles.


B short stairs repositioned to connect to CT Middle entrance. This is to provide easier rotating and map control of CT middle without completely losing CT.


(Visual redesign) New appearance of CT Spawn.


CT entrance to A site has been reduced and slightly moved for "realistic building" and simpler angles.


(Visual redesign) Slightly improved appearance of A site.


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Hey everyone, it's been a hot minute. I've been a bit busy catching up on some school stuff, so it took me a little longer to put together the version I was planning for public release. But here it is! Now available on the workshop! It would be wonderful if people could help give feedback on the gameplay and layout!

Not too much has changed, outside of visual/out-of-map areas changes. So I'll mostly leave it to new screenshots I've taken of the map to showcase what it looks like. I'll try to get some comparison shots in the future, but changes will likely be made after a playtest on the Mapcore server.

A Site:


A Main:




B Site:


B Main:


T Spawn/CT Spawn:


Map Overview (Currently trying to get RadGen working):


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7 hours ago, MrTrane18 said:

It was fun to try out this map and see what you can do with it! 
The current state alone brings such a cool vibe to the map! 
Made a showcase ( *or on Instagram post ) video! Hope it brings some motivation for you to go on!
Best of luck!

Thank you! I love what you're doing for this competition and giving everyone a chance to showcase their work!

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Posted (edited)

Just figured I'd keep people up to date about the latest developments. I pushed a small update covering these things:

  • Various clipping improvements
  • Slightly changed color of skybox
  • Radar slightly updated
  • A main lobby more fleshed out
  • Surrounding wall around B site
  • Included new lineup marker for Ts
  • New overlay indicators to direct players towards each bombsite

I had a playtest today on Mapcore's discord which helped me figure out things that were working with the map and things that work. Major reworks that will likely change will include Mid to A rotations, Middle itself, B rotations, and B site too. I don't have any screenshots at the moment but I'll try to keep progress displayed here once I fully implement it. I'll be a bit busier with some school events this week, but the changes are coming. If you do have any feedback though, still feel free to leave it please!

Edit: I also finally got RadGen working, so expect a more professional radar to come alongside the next version of the map.

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It's been a bit of radio silence for me for the past several days due to school related things, but I have been completing the rework of areas as I posted about on Tuesday. Here's an overhead shot of some of the differences. I'll try to get this next version out sometime this week in anticipation for Faceit Hub testing, but hopefully this addresses many of the issues that came up with the playtest. Thanks for waiting everyone. :D


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