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sry i dont know where to post this . "texture help &quo

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First off state when engine you're using

I'm going to asume this is HL2. In that case I do not know cause I havn't looked into the shaders. In unreal 2 though there is a thing called 'self illumination'. I'm pretty positive that HL2 has it too because you see it in some models that have glowing features such as eyes. So look for something along those lines. Also its probably an alpha channel texture over it with the color you want. Again though, I'm not positive on this.

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If you talk about HL2 you need to add "$selfillum" 1 in the vmt.

The illumination map can be the alpha channel in your diffuse map.

So you need to make an alpha where white will be 100% self illuminated and black not illuminated at all. So if you got a few windows or lights you want to "glow" you need to do these details bright in your alpha and the rest black.

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