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new website work WIP...

Vinny Testaverde

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This is going to be my new flash site. I have already done 3d animations for when you click on each building (it will fly you to that area and the content will pop up)

I would like some comments on those rollovers? they will be animated and such, but how are those going so far?

I know the buttons need some work...

just give me good feedback/ideas... :)

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Now THAT is inginuitive! I like it alot! Kudos... I agree with ginsengavenger... having some subtle animations would be nice. Especially when the user is idle.. :)

Eamples include the rare car going by, man jumping off a building, etc..

Good work. Can't wait to see it completed.



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That looks really nice. The idea as well as the workout. Stick with this design, definitely!

I'm not so sure about those highlights though. Perhaps a highlight like certain RTS do, lighting up the selected building, or displaying an aura around in in the shape of the building rather than something magic (that doesn't really fit this type of environment imho)?

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yeah you do need something to make the labels immediately visible and stand out. i mean i saw them pretty soon but even as i'm looking at it over, i'm still kind of subconsciously hunting to see if i missed any more of them.

if the whole scene is going to be static except for the halos you could use a bit of movement, like if they slowly scrolled back and forth within their little bubbles. move to one side, pause, move back, pause, so on.

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