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What game started it for you?


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Dunno really. Must have been playing amiga at a friends house...

Or my Sega Master... Or some Nes games :)

Just played about everything I could get over.

Like Street Fighter, Tukan, Mario, Lotus, Stunt Driver (or what the hell it was called again?), Alex the Kid :P, Asterix, Bomber Raid, South & North (perhaps it was North & South)...

But still best experience must be with HL1.

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Well, it must have been Super Mario for the nes, and the real kick to gaming came from Star Wars for nes and the lust for development came from playing endless hours of Warcraft2 and Settlers2.

Tho we had Commadore 64 when I was a kid, but it just didn't launch my gaming enthusiasm.

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I really don't remember which games that started it for me. We got our first computer when I was 5 and I was hooked on gaming from the beginning. I can't really remember much of what I did when I was 5-6 years old and therefore not the games either:/

Some of the oldest games I can remember playing is Simfarm, Simcity and Wolfenstein 3d.

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some game called "cats' i think. It was tandy colored and you had to capture mice in some alley. If you touched the ground a dog came and completely mauled you.

after that it was secret agent mission, jill of the jungle, crystal caves etc etc etc.

Duke Nukem 3d is what got me into level design :) when i was 11.

EDIT: how the hell could i forget the first duke nukem games :0!! I played those more than any other game ever i think

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Prince of Persia, Battlechess, and Alleycat (same game peri is talking about). Damn alleycat rocked, it was like a vertical frogger in the alley then you can go through open windows and play the minigames.

Battlechess was cool also, characters fighting when you take a piece etc. And I don't need to talk about PoP :P

I first started making levels (if you can call it that) for Super Lode Runner on the gameboy sometime in the early 90's, Half-Life is what got me really into it though.

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