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Fortress Forever : Level Designer & Texture Artists


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Fortress Forever is a Team Fortress mod for Half-life 2's Source Engine. Our independent team is creating this mod entirely from scratch.

Fortress Forever should please those who have stuck with or been a part Half-life: TFC over the years while at the same time doing more for new players than any prior Fortress attempt. This is not a strict remake of TFC, but it will incorporate the features we have come to know and love. It will also add a feast of new features to enrich the playability as well as make the MOD more accessible without compromising gameplay.


Our team is talented throughout, and hopefully stronger still with another level designer onboard, as well as a map texture artist. All applicants must be friendly, dedicated and, most importantly, able to work as part of a team and respond to constructive criticism. No big-time Charlies with huge egos, please. If you apply for a position, you MUST INCLUDE SAMPLE WORK. It's not our job to go out and find out just how good you are at what you do -- so please don't send an application detailing how awesome you are, but neglect to attach any sample work. URLs are also perfect. Just don't send us game models or tell us you did x for mod y and then expect us to go and download & install a game / mod just so we can see your work. Link or send us images of your work. Failure to do so will result in us deleting the application (you'd be amazed at just how many people send in an application and totally ignore this requirement).

We need to fill the following positions:

Level Designer:

You will be required to create new maps as well as recreate old favourites for the mod. Obviously there is a balance to strike, but the initial phase of the mod is concerned with giving classic TF maps a new spin. There will be plenty of time for creative license once this phase is finished. We're looking for mappers that can really thrive with a Fortress theme. Those that love to get creative and start to dribble when thinking of superfluous architecture would be well at home ;). There's plenty of scope for varied themes and creative license, too.

Mappers with mod experience, or with many released maps and a proven track record will obviously have a better chance. Also, since the mod is TF-based, TF mapping experience is an undeniable plus for any applicant, since it takes quite a lot of know-how to make a playable map due to the class balance and such. This is somewhat negated by the fact that we'll be putting quite a bit of focus on Attack and Defend maps, though. Those are less complicated to make, but just as compelling (if not more) to play.

As you might expect, we're looking for applicants with a solid grasp of source mapping, as we don't really have much time for people to get acquainted with the editor & the game's resources before they get crackin' on the mappin'.

Texture Artist(s)

Since our last two texture artists decided to jump ship without trace (what is it with those zany art dudes?), we're once again recruiting Map Texture Artists. Applicants must be skilled with their editing application of choice, have a good grounding in texture design for game engines and preferably be familiar with Source's material system (this is a plus, but it's not hard to learn, so it's not a requirement). Applicants must understand how to create normal maps, spec maps and all that good stuff. Mod work and / or varied sample work is preferential. Texture artist applicants must also be prepared to work with level designers and create textures as part of a theme for any given map or style.

Please feel free to browse our development team's personnel page for more information. Despite our team's size, we are a fairly close-knit team, and everyone gets along very well. If you are a very enthusiastic person, then you'll fit right in. If you're a bit more reserved, then that's cool too. The main thing is that we want to finish this mod, but we have a good laugh while doing so. We're not slavedrivers and it's a cool mod to work on.

Finally: We have achieved much exposure and our forums are buzzing due to the 2000+ registered users. If you work on this mod, it's pretty much a guarantee that your work will be viewed by many people. People really want to see a solid TF mod for source, and we're committed to making it happen.

If you're interested, email an application to FortressForever [a t] gmail.com with the position you're applying for in the subject line. Also, when you attach sample work, please put your name or handle in the filename (it just makes it easier for us to track & filter potential recruits).

Cheers, I hope to see some applications soon. :)

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