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prop_vcr1 and prop_security-monitor

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these are like my 7th and 8th model i have ever made. Im starting to get better. I just need to be able to make them faster. the tv took me like 6 hours becuase in my mind all i knew was i wanted a tv i didn't know what kind or anyting , so when i started modeling it i only had a refrence pic of the front so i had do design the rest while modeling. the vcr was the same, i didn't even remember to uv the back until i was done with the model .................. so needless to say that model is only going to be showed from the front in any of my maps :cool:


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yeah i agree with mazy said, look at some tv's, even security monitors like you are saying, the screens don't go in that deep - so i'd make them not as sunk in as well.

oh yeah i did that on purpose so i can fit in a dev tv monitor. :D its a security monitor for one of my maps and you will be able to monitor everyones where abouts. even tho the monitor indention might seem pretty big it in reality is a very small prop. and even a 1 unit depth brush almost deosn't fit in it right.



vertices: 176

faces: 157

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the only thing i have to say about the setup in that room is the way the book cases are setup,

don't you think it's a bit odd to have them facing the back of the bookcase? if you are trying to make a type of enclosure around them, I'd maybe try verticle bars, not an X

but yeah, change those tape names :)

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