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Phases in game development - From idea to design


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For the service and communication subject in school we had to hold a 15 minute speech about a subject which interests us. I did of course pick game design, more specificly the phases involved.

It's in danish, but you will probably understand some of it regardless of if speak danish or not.

Powerpoint presentation:

http://thefuture.dk/skole/sok/Faser%20i ... 20spil.ppt


http://thefuture.dk/skole/sok/15%20minu ... skript.doc

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Thx for the comments.

I didn't understand half of it but I found the last screenshot of the presentation pretty cool, the submarine in the desert, looked good :P

whats it doing there? :P

The last picture shows a dried out military harbor now residing in the desert. It is one of the new maps in SoW2 beta 2.

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