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I wish it was fake.


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Anatoly Onoprienko:

“Seconds before I smashed her head in with my hammer, I ordered her to show me where her slaughtered parents kept their money, She looked at me with an angry, defiant stare and said, ‘No, I won't.’ That strength was incredible. But I felt nothing.â€

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“If I am ever let out, I will start killing again, but this time it will be worse, ten times worse. The urge is there. Seize this chance because I am being groomed to serve Satan. After what I have learnt out there, I have no competitors in my field. And if I am not killed I will escape from this jail and the first thing I'll do is find Kuchma (the Ukrainian president) and hang him from a tree by his testicles.â€

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Nope, no eating. He didn't like corpses..... :roll:

Modus operandi: Break into to a secluded house, round up the family, shoot the parents and bludge the kids to death. Take anything valuable, torch the place and shoot all possible witnesses when leaving.

Considering the body count he's nothing to the British Doctor though, thank god he was so full of himself that even one of the most incompetent murder investigations I've heard of managed to catch him.

But the most disgusting must be Paul Bernardo & Karla Homolka. Shit if I could have a some time alone with either of them, I'd go to hell for my sins. Infact, Karla will be realeased next year, if no one else beats me to it I might give her a visit.

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The book ROCKS big time, the film don't even touch the

surface of that man's mad world!

I'm still in shock and its about 10 years since i read it,

sick sick sick man that book is sick!

Ever heard of scull fucking before, well it's explained in

detail how u do that, if anyone is interrested in learning...


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Guest John Kerry

you know what i like better about movies then books.. no reading.. yeah.. but this is a interesting subject.. you wanna talk serial killings or spree killings.. look at some of the monsters america has created.. Jeffrey Dahmer, John Wayne Gacy, Charles Manson and James Huberty...these people were disturbed.. i recently saw a show on spree killers and it showed basicly the life of James Huberty.. there are very twisted people out there

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I speculate that a lot less has to do with the childhood then we currently think. Sure there are some cases where experiences in the early years are "the drop that makes the water run over" but most significantly it's a inherent deviation of the brain functions.

The brain lacks or can block empathy and fantasies and/or obsessions take over if certain conditions are met, as a result of a brain "defect".

Most of us can agree that anyone given the right conditions could become a sadistic murderer, so why do I speculate in brain defects?

My main fact is that so many childhoods contain severe abuse/trauma but there are so few serial killers.

Also there are many known sociopaths that comes from "good" childhoods with no abuse.

It would be interesting to know how many serial killers that have a non traumatic background and are socially adept with no no abvious mental disorder. Problem is that those are the ones least likely to get caught.

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