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A third portfolio :F


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Sorry, another portfolio site, I felt like doing one myself since everyone else seems to have one. I might not have done so many things, and I know I can't look for a job in the biz using only these, still, its fun keeping some track on what you've made worth showing...

They layout is very basic, not as fancy as some others :)


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I wouldn't worry about the quantity of the content so much as the quality, which you're doing pretty well at IMO. Get a little more in there and you'll be fine.

Check all the links again because I got one 404 (http://www.zfight.com/portfolio/images/pn24_large.jpg) and a couple of the tex thumbs aren't linked.

I don't think the wireframe shot is of any use TBH.

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kewl work, but most developers now working towards or with next generation engines require you to do a specific job really well instead of an entire levels assets by yourself.

It's always nice to have lots of diffrent content in a portfolio but you really need to decide what aspect of game creation you enjoy the most and build up a solid portfolio based around that one area.

It seems that most jobs in what we called "mapping" not long ago is split into 2 parts, design and art, if you want to actualy physicaly make the enviroments go for the art, if you enjoy the design and AI/Scripting side of things more concentrate on concept plans and ofcourse some kind of scripting.

It's defo worth thinking about what you really want to work at before the jobs become so seperate your stuck somewhere in the middle!

Good luck

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