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Got it yesterday, and it totally love it~

Apparently it also has the 1.52 firmware, and not the 2.0 as some said, so it seems that ill be able to do some homebrewin' on it after all :D

Obviously Im way behind compared to the Americans here, but are there any other Euro folks that got their hands on one, and in that case, has 1.52 firmware as well?

Just a bit puzzled and joyed by it :)~

mmmmm Wipeout and Lumines luv~~

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I haven't really looked in to the machine, I'm not that interested and even if I were, I'm sure I wouldn't buy it, there is way too much spending going on with games atm, and when Xenon launches there will be even more.

But it's current set of games are pretty interesting compared to my DS, but I'm a fan of multiplayer and DS seems to be the top dog when the Nintendo network launches. Can't imagine what PSP game would possibly beat Metroid, and Metroid on a deathmatch over internet.

Electroplankton *whooooo*

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Aye, its just a matter of time before they fuck it up, but I just found out that all firmware above 1.50 dont support homebrew as it is. Beh :G

Anyway, my problem with the PSP is that the only games so far that interest me are racing games, and theres alot of em D:~

Need some more RPGs n stuff

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I just ordered an import Japanese one since it was a bargain (listed in an inappropriate ebay section - nobody noticed it ;)), but its not arrived yet. Should be here tomorrow, and it had BETTER be here at the weekend as I'm off on holiday and would really like to have it for the journey!

It comes with Spiderman 2 the game (not exactly a game I'm bothered about!), but I also ordered myself Metal Gear Acid (which arrived today) and Lumines (which hasn't). I'm planning on picking up Ridge Racer and Wipeout Pure at some point, but decided not to for now as I didn't want to get import versions and possibly miss out on being able to play multiplayer games. Other games on my list are Dynasty Warriors (more of the same I know, but I still enjoy it :)), Untold Legends (lots of hack and slash action a la Diablo I hear), Burnout Legends when it appears, and I'll probably import the Japanese "Bleach 2" since I love the anime. Pity I completely can't afford any of that!

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My problem with the DS, why isnt Metroid out yet :mad::mad:

YEAH! Let's torch the place!

Nintedo pushed Metroid to next year to add some Nintendo network multiplayer goodness, it was going to be released like in a month or so.

But I can't really see how anyone at all, would choose PSP over DS judging both by the games, DS has Advance Wars (and you can play the earler AWs too), it has Metroid coming with some really sexy multiplayer goodness and the fps control with the touchpad is like heaven, plus CASTLE-FUCKING-VANIA is on it's way to bring us the cool, and Namco is making new DIG DUG.

What PSP has? Poop on a stick? AIDS? What? Come on! Only thing even remotely interestin on PSP is Battlefield 2: MC (IF it is ever coming) and Darkstalkers.

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As I said, most of the games Im looking forward to are racing games, but that doesnt change the fact that they look awesome.

http://www.gamespot.com/psp/driving/pur ... suit+force


http://www.gamespot.com/psp/driving/bur ... ?q=burnout

But yeah, thats what I want. Im in no way dissing the DS, i think its a nice system, but there just arent any games that really stand out enough for me to buy it yet. Advance Wars looks cool, but keep in mind that Ive played Advance Wars 1 and 2 on the GBA for like 200+ hours (spend like an entire school year playing it in religion and biology classes ;D!), so Im kinda spend. And Metroid looks nice, but Im not really going to buy a DS just for that (Bought a cube for Prime tho)

Anyway, bottomline is that PSP is more appealing to me, plus its a much cooler device once you get homebrew on it.

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