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The random model thread!

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IT WORKS! Sorta....I might make the scoreboard work, but it seems like a nightmare that can easily sink a lot of time into and get me no where...  

Now, that I have more time again for personal projects I want to pick up some new stuff. First on my list is Substance Painter, and it's been really awesome so far. So I decided to rebake an old piec

Work in progress for cs_apollo

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i hope to finish all these "realistic" models within next week so i can finally finally move over to my little personal project. i finished a first texture for it today. it's supposed to be kinda on the cute and cartoony side. but since i dont have the skill to texture 20 or more models in the same continuous style, the day i find a willed texture guy for all the models, will be awesome :D

till then i'll just work on it as good and motivated as i can :)


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nice acumen, I like the cartoony look to it. :D

Snipa, thats a nice bomb. /waits for skin

entitiy, good speed model but for some reason i like the nonsmoothed version better, maybe perhaps its the claws look better to me. Its still good nonetheless :-D

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I started a new character, this is what i got so far.

the model that you see now is 2002 faces.

Any critic's or useful tip's are welcome because i like to make it better.

( i know there is a line, i mirrored it, and there is a dark spot at the side of the chest )

I pushed them all into a 800x600 basic render.


thanks :roll:

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