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The random model thread!


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My first properly UV mapped & exported model :)

The texture's mostly just detail mask right now, I'm pretty happy w it though so I might just leave it as is


[edit] Started experimenting re-using the bones I already made to construct other exhibits, I'd say it's working well so far - still need to make a decent pelvis template but this ground sloth's skull arguably turned out better than the whale's


[edit2] got an okayish pelvis now & redid some other parts, split the textures so the skull is its own thing, so I can reuse the same bones texture across all further exhibits if/when I make them. Also, just about now realized whales don't have collarbones - 'learn something new every day every so often I suppose huh

Not gonna lie that really feels like the kind of thing I should have already known but oh well there you go I guess

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So this train car was meant to be for my wingman map, but then I got a call from Naught Dog saying they want it for the new Uncharted 5. I guess the map is scrapped now... You'll see this in 2028 when the game comes out. I hear they're planning to use it in one of the big action sequences in the last level.

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    • Post in [UE4] Island Environment [W.I.P]
      I've release the project on the ue4's Marketplace. LINK

      There's also a playable demo that you can check out here: DEMO

      This was my most time consuming project that I've started back in 2018, but then scrapped and returned to it in 2021.

      It took about 8 months to complete and was a great learning experience for me. 



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