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The random model thread!

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Posting this for now (as it is the random model thread), alil after-work doodle from today (far from finished and may have more to show if i get the time to work on it later) but this is another concept by the awsome Munkhjin Otgonbayar.. and i would also like to mention if any 3d or aspiring 3d artist havent seen his work you sould definitely check his artstation out and study his work, love his stuff & im sure many that havent seen... will also...


and no this isnt suppose to be some-kind of artifact.... its a knuckle duster

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I made a reskin for portal 2's old elevators. not really its own model per-se, but just feel like showing it here. I made it because the texturing on the vanilla elevators are just....lazy, lazy, lazy. in the base game, the model just has the same texture as the walkways slapped on, baked AO and everything, with no regard or effort put into the UV whatsoever. substance + yanzl's pbr converter thing = miracles.




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