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The random model thread!

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So I challenged myself to make as many models as I could in 3 days, and these were the results.

From left to right: Grate panel - Paint can - Bleached wooden plank - Outdoor light - Modern coffee table - Clock - Solar panel - Fire hose box - Small wall vent - Barrel.

All of them (Except the solar panel) can be colorized to be any color you wish.

I made them for a map my little brother says he wants to make, so this is a start :)


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11 hours ago, Christian William said:

Little project that I'm working on in my spare time.


 Training my LowPoly Skills.

Could you present your model some more? I can see only about 30% of it because of the picture angle and blur.

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On 9/1/2018 at 5:58 PM, +Rusty+ said:

Little workflow exercise with a simple prop also some substance painter (Iray) renders (rarley use the built in render)Pedal_Wires.png.ad4a58dae00cf17fe370629eb2c98f1c.pngPedal_Views.thumb.png.842c30235d8e4296101cdb48fe58ad57.png

Cool stuff @+Rusty+!!

I would say be careful about resolution vs object size here, this is a minuscule object so having a lot of geo/big texture on it would probably not be ideal in most games, unless it's for a cutscene...

Although if it's just for practice then never mind! 😉

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After working on my cave scene so much, I decided a few months ago to parry away from environment art permanently, and instead have chosen the VFX route. Below are a couple I have worked through. I am on the fast track for learning Houdini as well.



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12 hours ago, PogoP said:

UV'ing is really odd in Blender, that's my main issue with it. I just love planar mapping from 3ds max :P

Isn't the option you're looking for "U (unwrap menu) → Project from view", with the camera looking at the selected faces with the desired angle of projection ?

Recorded a gif to show what I mean :



Also btw, i'm following the excellent beginner tutorial BlenderGuru is currently making for Blender 2.8. I'm making a waffle, it's really nice to follow :)


(Still missing materials and the rest of the scene basically 😛 )

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