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The random model thread!

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Dude, that's awesome! Way better than my first model.
Some general advice regarding learning modelling. Always try to improve your workflow, you know. Watch as many tutorials as you can, dabble in all kinds of different ways of creating cool effects. It's one thing to watch tutorials but it's an entirely different thing to actually have the experience needed to solve different kinds of problems.
I know a stupid thing I did when I started out which was to keep everything on grid, I felt more at peace then or something. I had that nailed through my head from hammer.. 

Moral of the story, be open minded to different modelling techniques.

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On 1/3/2019 at 8:05 AM, +Rusty+ said:

Its a great feeling when getting your first 3d model into a game engine... well done @kek9z

Speaking of which... I have a good amount of knowledge in using Maya but have no idea how to export my files into hammer without using another 3d modeler and some pipeline plugin

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16 hours ago, Lefty said:

Some Chinese lanterns for a csgo map



I ... love them ;) . Maybe a bit low poly though? Especially on the smaller ones the edges are very noticeable! So if they are meant to go inside the playable area, I feel like they might need a few more polys :) .


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