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The random model thread!

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@Vorontsov It's looking pretty nice, but i'm a bit surprised with the design of it.

Usually, I believe the 6 wheels are here for a clever solution of some sort of suspension that works like this :



it doesn't need any spring or anything and sort of auto-balance itself and can adapt to almost any terrain.

So it seems a bit weird to see the 6 wheels on your model being directly attached to the chassis.

Anyway, it still looks pretty nice and fits with your other recent models. Are you working on some game or something ? :-D

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Working on a fully working (with internals) 1847 Colt paddington style revolver. Currently going through and fixing the major areas where mistakes were made before moving onto all the internals (which are far easier... mostly screws/springs). Booleans are my friend! :

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Im currently working on a firetruck for an work in progress CSGO map, the fire truck itself is being modeled using basic geometry and will eventually be converted into a prop using propper.

I think it has turned out well for being made in a just the editor


In game


In editor



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8 hours ago, GrillusRetardus said:

Uhm.. I'm not sure that's the best way of creating models. 

Have you considered downloading and learning blender?

Yeah, I just thought it would be fun to try and make a convincing model with only editor tools, I know you can get way more detailed with real software, but this is more of a fun challenge for myself.

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Sooo I have made the CS:GO bomb in honor to this amazing game! It took me one day to do everything. Hope you like it.

You can find more photos on my Artstation: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/RxZAD





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