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The random model thread!

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I guess he downloaded a .blend (blender files) of a finished model and he wants to use it.

You can extract the texture from the UV Editing window :


Find in the images being used in your .blend the one you want to extract in this list :


And then save it :



But make sure you have the rights to do this and don't forget to mention the creator of the asset.

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Here's a few tips:

- Throw a high spec shader on it WHILE you model, you'll see the pinching errors a lot better.

-  Fix your pinches before you move any forward, there's a lot of them! If you wait too long it'll be harder to make changes to the geo, because the more tesselated the mesh is the harder it becomes to make big changes.

- Throw some quick materials on there so you can start reading the diferent materials right away, just drop a low spec black material to plastics, high spec glossy paint to body, etc.

- Don't stop now, wtf you're almost done lol

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Are you using max? You have a lot of wonky vertices not flowing as they should, and it's creating pinches in the sub-d surfaces. When I start getting this on my meshes, I take a step back, get rid of a few edge loops, select the problematic areas, throw a relax modifier, and start to model the shape all over with a better vertex flow.


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3 hours ago, Pink Flamingo said:

I couldnt find any solition for my issue and made it out in hammer. Making a ferris wheel is easy only when its used in 3d skybox. :D



This really shouldn't be made out of brushes. If you allready made some models you should also be able to bring them into the game. Everything that is needed is on the valve developer community. Go for it.

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23 minutes ago, kinggambit said:


Any experienced substance designer users have an idea of how to procedurally apply snow to the lower crevices of the model? I'm planning on adding snow to most of my exterior models.

Ambient Occlusion + Position input -> mask?

Yup that's how I'd do it. Clamp your position map with a histogram scan to wherever you need the snow to be on your mesh, and add an inverted AO. Make the snow as a separate material and add it via a material blend node.

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