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The random model thread!

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On 29-10-2016 at 7:07 PM, AndyW said:

Here are my first steps in gtkradiant. I want to do some prefabs for later maps (QL) Textures are Socks Industrial´s.



It always warms my heart to see good old Quake 3 again :)

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16 minutes ago, Vorontsov said:

Took a look at this (and gave you an artstation follow). Depending on where you place this, check out the armpit area. Looks like the baking or a texture didn't go very well there, but it can be fixed easily I think. Also, are the legs supposed to be that block like from the elbow/knee joints down towards the feet? I'm certain your reference makes it appear that way - I would suggest you stylize those areas (increase the length of the back feet some, decrease the length of the feet on the front legs, and also pinch the underarm of the front legs some so that it appears to be sculpted fur rather than a block).

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Trying to make this hedge look right. Not exactly feeling it right now. Any ideas? More contrast? It's possible to adjust individual material hdr in lights.rad right? Haven't figured that out yet. 2250 tri's atm.


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