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The random model thread!

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I think the artwork could be very pertinent Michael as it gives concepts for things such as skyboxes and interesting shapes to utilize in more sci-fi oriented levels. Alternatively I could see some pieces such as what you posted being utilized in other specific contexts. Finally, welcome to the Core!


attachment.php?attachmentid=20621&d=1444 attachment.php?attachmentid=20748&d=1444

Began working on roman order of columns for implementation into Unreal Tournament 4. This is an ionic order one. Accents on the capital stone (top) need a lot of work (possibly some masking + zbrush like on Ryse? Only how to do in 3DS Max).  Second image is in-engine.

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Awesome stuff in this thead!

I spent the last couple of days playing around with this low poly lamp for Quake 3. The texture resolution is 1024x1024 in this screenshot but I will cut that in half. 


Looks really dark! Perhaps it would be a nicer idea to have such a dark model on a lighter background. The rust and damage look very much the same across the entire thing. There is no real destinction between metal parts apart from the ocassional edge dodging. Perhaps play with the overlays a bit to give it a more unique look. The lamp itself has a nice gradient on it but the values look very washed out / overblown.

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Now, that I have more time again for personal projects I want to pick up some new stuff. First on my list is Substance Painter, and it's been really awesome so far.

So I decided to rebake an old piece of mine and to retexture it :). It's still work in progress, details like decals and small stuff is missing, but wanted to share anyways.

All pictures are from inside UE4. The mesh has around 22k triangles and I use two set of 4k maps.


Awesome, I imagine this as of being a flying (wheel)chair of sorts :dance:

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