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The random model thread!

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Who thaught you that? LOL!

Oh, I'm adopting the language of some Italian guys at work. They are using it all the time. :D

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Currently working on a BTR-90, a russian infantry transporter. The Highpoly is nearly ready, and I hope you guys will find some things I could improve for the final version as well.

So, here is the current version from the BTR-90:



Love it, great stuff! Now get a texture on that mother :cool:

Nice APC =)


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Small update. I tweak materials and textures a bit, and did a very quick and dirty presset in dDo, then render in marmoset. And i called it done :

more screens here : http://simon-aublet.com/devblog/3d/svd-dragunov-final-ddo-pass-marmoset-render.html




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