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The random model thread!

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Knj - That makes my head spin just looking at it, so much intricate detail! Superb work

WhiteDevil - Such a safe way to transport a Nuclear Warhead :P What's noticeable to me is the studs/screws overlapping the edge of the crate around the top. Also the yellow painted trim looks a bit odd and flat.

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knj - I really lack the knowledge to give you any good advice but I'll give it anyway. Your mayan thing needs some color. something from the yellow-green spectrum. you know, so it looks old. It also looks a bit unreadable from a distance. Use color to separate the different parts of your mayan thingy from each other. And like other say it looks a bit like metal now, might be because of the lighting you use for the pictures or the normal maps having no impact to give that edgy feeling.

RedYager - You know... terrorists, they aren't the brightest of the bunch :D thanks for your criticism the model viewer has the tendency to leave normals looking flat as hell, don't know why. The yellow trim has very deep normalmap already and I don't have a clue how the hell arma2 speculars work. They work in a RGB spectrum and the developer wiki says: "here's a math graph how to calculate the specular maps to RGB, have fun" ... so that's why I couldn't get the run down paint to look the way I wanted :ubermad:

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knj => I love where this is going. If I can suggest you something, this is to put some color into your mesh, by example ; adding some colored moss like this ;


It could add some interest spot into your diffuse =)

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Finally making my first steps into modelling :)

It's nothing too special in comparison with what the rest is posting here, but I'm quite excited about it and eager to learn more.

I should note that I build it in Hammer first and then imported it in XSI. I wouldn't know how to get the scale right otherwise.Anyone has any tips on that?

It has a collision model so that you can shoot and jump through it (took me a while to figure that out!). Btw, it's a window in case you didn't notice!


I find UVMapping to be one of the hardest parts (in comparison, that is, at the moment I'm trying simple models only obviously). Is there a way to see all the faces on the UV map while mapping the whole thing? While making this I could only see what I had selected which made it almost impossible to put everything nice next to each other. It's overlapping in quite some places, as you can see below.


Also, does anyone know if it's possible to make a model with breakable parts? I'd like to make the inner parts of the window breakable, so that you must shoot them to be able to jump through the window, right now they're not in the collision mesh.

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