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The random model thread!

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Thanks for the suggestions, guys. I'm planning on putting my Eat3d 'UDK Lighting and Post Processing' DVD to good use on this scene.

I was thinking about ways of adding more color to the busted up wall area, possibly some paper flyers and/or paint. How often would a wall like this be painted, I feel it would add a lot to the scene, I just don't want it to look out of place.

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i felt like building something busy to test that awesome unity shader editor by tim "stramit" cooper:


the shader is something a bit different. it does the uncharted fringy transition thing via vertex alpha ! vertex-color colors the object (i also baked ao into the verts) but not in the damaged areas there it only darkens the objects (chipped away paint) ! but the really funny part is i use the second uv set to control how much self illumination/cubemap/fresnel/specular i want to have on a vertex! giving me control over a vast arrey of looks all in the same object/drawcall. and also allowing for insane re-usability of one and the same material drastically improving framerate in my scenes

if there is any kind of interest i can release the shader and the graph network ...

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Ah some good points there thanks!

The look I'm roughly going for is something like Crysis/Far Cry 2.

I'm not too sure how I could make the transition between sand and water smoother. I guess I could mess around with the material settings a bit or add another layer on top of that water that is more transparent and/or has foam? As for breaking up the boat texture, maybe I could extrude out some thin planks that run vertically along the side of the ship and then offset the texture inside the space between each plank to make it look like separate bits?

Aaron did you know that if you work in 3dsMax 8, 9, or 2008 editions, you can get the CryTek shader plugin and make your own content for Crysis if you have the game? Sandbox2 is available for owners of Crysis and all those effects like the foam on the water, and terrain painting are all available for you if you're just looking to put together a scene. Given that your computer can run it, I'd recommend it because I was recently using it and it's not that hard to pick up once you follow the documentation on how to import your own content from 3DS Max into the CryEngine. If not, then sorry I wasted your time, just a thought since you mentioned Crysis.

Aside from that, what are you building this scene in and rendering it with?

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Working on a Mass Effect inspired environment. I really want to finalize this, create and bake textures, and import the scene into UDK. I still need to learn how that process works because all I know is modeling mediocre scenes in 3DS Max. The above is a better-lit version of the scene.


Here is the scene with a mental ray renderer setting. Lights aren't as bright but the soft effect of the lighting looks neat I suppose.

No textures yet, just bare set.

Any guidance is appreciated. I'd like to bake my own textures but I'm a little lost on that process.

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