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Resublimation beta release


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We have just released our beta of the Resublimation HL mod and we are looking for a mirror and an info to spread the word about the mod.

Resublimation is a signle player modification for HL1. The player is descended into a snowy scenery of Siberia and has to fight through enemy military complexes.

The beta is an almost finished game but it tends to crash on random moments and we couldn't find any cure for that, thus we hope other modders would help us with their clues after they play it.

Official Resublimation website:


Download link:

http://halflife.pl/download.php?id=947 (file size: 47MB)









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well, i have to say, i was pretty unimpressed...it was a good attempt, some stuff was really good, the mapper was ok, he used some cool techniques. I had to noclip through most of the game, i kept getting stuck, couldnt get through doors, etc...And then it froze, so I guess i remained unimpressed.

keep trying folks

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Can you people stop saying 'OMG MAKE IT SOURCE' whenever someone posts about a HL mod, not everyone has a machine capable of running HL2 you know...

Anyway, I love Single-player missions and I love snow based missions as well, so this will be one I'll look out for and I'll wait for the final product instead of pulling my hair out over a buggy beta version ;)

Good luck.

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