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Female game character


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This is my latest character, again I'm hoping for advice as character modeling is something I struggle with (but something I really enjoy doing). As for the concept I wanted to do that typical gaming cliche of slim female fighter/Lara croft but to add my own stylistic twist into it.


I have indeed began the modeling process. I'm actually trying a new method this time and this is to sub D it (or 'joan of ark' it) and then later bring down the poly count. I'm starting to think that my previous box modeling method was more suited to game art? Oh dear though, already I'm doing my 'dodgy cheeks' thing...


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Looks good, however I dont like the lips that much. I'd suggest not sub'ding it. Rather make it look fucking swell with just no mesh or turbo smooth. Better usage of polygons and you wont have to deal with creasing. I learned a lot from my previous elf project and now I want to go and model all parts of anatomy as highpolygon as I can just for practice, especialy the hands. I dig your model though, but I dont fancy the boots on the concept.

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Doesn't look female at all. The features are more "blurred" and illdefined than females. I find females to have much sharper features in the face. The nose though isn't a "sharp" feature, its simply sharp! So maybe curve it out a little bit. Get some jaw definition in there. The chin to the end of the jaw bone needs to be dfeined. Cheeks dont have very much definition either. Also continue with your circula rmodeling. After the four on the eyes and the 5 or so on the lips you start to lose your edge looping. Try to continue that wisely in areas that would deform in lip syncing.

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Thanks for all the crits and comments!, I'm sorry I've been slow with updates. Thing is I have landed myself a job at a cool looking games studio in Holland and so this project is lower priority now since I have to get ready to move abroad.

Heres my latest, I still think I have alooooot to do (the hair especially :P ) and yes I need to tidy up the nose, lips and eyes. Its starting to look a bit female at least :party:

edit: Those 'tail plats' would you suggest putting extra loops on the joining bits? Seems TOO simple right now...but putting loops on it might make it TOO many polys? By the way, with regards to poly limits I'm not too fussed I just want to make sure I spread them equally.


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hey man,

a lot of pro modelers will tell you not to ever model off model sheets unless you are doing things like cars, etc.

Use them as a reference for your eyes, but don't model directly off them. I started getting really really good results after I migraited from this.

Your proportions are wrong on the model, I know it's a sort of manga style - but the mesh doesn't look like the concept right now.

use your eyes, and try to be artistic with it and you'll get better results :)

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