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Low poly starfighter-type thing


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I think I hate Lightwave ;D I had to work in it a year and some ago. Haven't caught up with the updates since then but I just really didn't like it at the time. The modeler always just felt like an overblown Milkshape. You could get work done in it but everything was a pain in the ass. It seemed kind of thrown together over the years without a coherent sense of design. Layout was decent enough for animation but again, didn't feel very coherent. The keyboard shortcuts were a nightmare - for cryin out loud, *undo* wasn't even ctrl+z. It just seemed like such a ghetto program.

Anyway, what Mino said ^^

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That was my thinking mazy :) I like the front part of the ship but as you were thinking Andrew, the back doesn't quite suit the rest of it. I'm also not too sure about the underside of the ship, where it suddenly extends downwards and gets much deeper in the middle section. The rest of it looks pretty steamlined but that bit sticks out to me as being a bit restrictive. Unless it was meant to be some sort of vent or something I guess.

Neat little practice work though - would be a fun project to skin it too :)

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haha, awesome - the two things I thought of when making some of the shapes were wipeout and homeworld. :D

ginsengavenger: Yeah, it's a little weird with all the different shortcuts and stuff. But hell, it wasn't originally made for windows. :P They actually all do make sense (U for undo, Shift+U to redo, b for bevel, etc.) but just take some getting used to. I do like it, but I'll eventually shift my focus to maya... but for right now, it's what I know. :)

Reno: The underside bit was designed to somewhat resemble the intake of an F-16. I was actually exremely happy with how that bit turned out. :)

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looks like it was made after one of the first modeling tutorials for max which you used for lightwave :)

but i really don't know what you learned with that 30-polygon-piece or what you wanted to learn ? Looks like a box that was extruded outwards and inwards a few times. I mean, no offense, but I don't see what kind of serious crits you want on that model piece ?

If you did some supercool texturs for that, that would be great but the ship itself isn't anything that great, in my opinion, sry :(

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