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Whats a good download program for Firefox?


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Its been quite a while since Ive used stuff like Getright and Download Accelerator Plus, back in the IE days. Anyway, does any of you got some suggestions for good download programs that arent ad/spyware?

Already got Flashgot for Firefox but I need a program to use it with :G~

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I have only used DLaccelerators when it was cool back in the 97' since then I don't even know what programs there are. But getright was hot back then, hell, you got the ladies when you used that.

Go!zilla seems to be still around too, but Fileplanet has some sort of DLManager, don't know if it works anywhere else than fileplanet/gamespy sites, but it might be good. I'm rather suprised that Google hasn't come up with a DLaccelerator, they have prettymuch done everything else.

But since intergration with Firefox is important, you could get wget, prozilla, Downloader for X, Download Accelerator Plus or GetRight and the FF addon Downloadwith that bypasses the FF internal dowloader and replases it with your favourite dowloader. Also some intergration can be achieved with DownloadStudio which seems to be the new thing that gets the ladies wet.

So there is alot to choose from.



DownloadManager 2.0

Download Accelerator Plus


Firefox extension DownloadWith

Firefox extension for DownloadStudio

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Well, I use one to schedule downloads for the night. The way my ISP works is I get 12G download limit for the month, but then there is offpeak time where I get another 12G download for 2:00 am to 9:00 am.

Fuck man, that is like some higher level alien mathematich patterns and physichal animalities with your ISP. How do they come up with these rules?

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