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WIP animalmanthing...


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Working on this at the moment,

it's kinda finished, except for the back ground wich is going to

be a dark winter mountain landscape of some sort...

Comments are welcome, after working with something like this for

a lomg time, u start to go blind for faults and mistakes.


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Cool idea... looks pretty cool, I just think the head is too big, the position of the body is odd (kinda like how a homosexual would pose), the feet are too small, and the pants are too clean! Did you draw that or photoshop? If it was drawn you did a really good job with the muscles and shading... the details on the tiger face.

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Guest John Kerry

where do wearwolf people shop for pants?... those seem a bit to nice for a beast... i guess its some snotty wearwolf or something.. very nice... cept the head doesnt seem right on the body... basicly.. just agreeing with everything DD said at this point..

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Hmm, yeah...

DD: Yes its a homosexual animalman, they are bound to excist somewhere! The head is actually not that large but the wolly hairdue

makes it look that way, maybe I should down size it...

Agree that the feet look to small, and, no, cant take the credits for constructing the muscles, used a photo refrence, infact it was a nude

male modell and his feet where that tiny...

Yeah, the pants need to get a bit ripped and dirty.

Urban: No it isn't a wearwolf, allthough it might look like one,

and will work on the pants and downsizing the head...

Mazy: :wink: Thanx!

st0lve: Yeah the head, no not wearwolf! Well maybe i should just say that

it is since it look like it...(it was meant to be a human who someone had done some reasearch with, to make a killing machine or something)

Based on the citizen 132 mod story.

NO! The landscape isn't cool, it's not done yet!

Pingu: What! Silly little tools! U mean that? Hmm maybe, but he's got

one bad bite though!!!!

Thanx for comment's it realy helps with some outside input,

will work some more on the figure now, thanx... :D

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