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Original Akira


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Does anyone here have the orginal English dubbed version of Akira? Does it not exist on DVD?

I have the newer special edition DVD set of Akira, which is nice, but it is not the original English dubbing. I really do not like this dubbing as the dialogue is mostly from an updated English script.

Back in college one of my buddies still had an old laser disc system with Akira on LD. We must have watched that 20 times a year...and the original English dubbing as been burned into my brain. It's a been a few years since then and I'd love to see that orignal version. I can't find it on Amazon or Ebay.

Does anyone know what I'm talking about? Does this only exist on VHS and Laser disc?


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Umm.. I have it on DVD, and yes it has all the original voice cast, but your definition of "original" english voice cast is pretty vague at best, what do you mean about original voise cast? Do you mean about the Streamline cast of 89? I don't even think that streamline even exists, let alone their adaptation of Akira. And where the fuck are you going to get a Laser Disc player at the 21th century?

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1) yeah i do mean the first english dubbing that was from 1989. I want that on DVD.

2) Dude, I don't expect to get a fucking laser disc player or the fucking laser disc edition. In college my friend still had one of those players cause he was self proclaimed as 'old school'. Akira was on 2 full laser discs with content on both sides. every half hour you had to flip the disk or change it.

anyway, i'd love to get the DVD version with the 1989 english dubbed voice cast. suggestions on where to get it? I couldn't find it on ebay or anything like that.

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Ok, so you don't want to get a laser disc player..

But you are out of luck, when akira was made for DVD release, the english voices were redubbed to get the dolby suround, and this was 2001, which basically means, that what you are looking for is a VHS, released before year 2001. I hope that helps you.

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the new english dubs have children voices for the numbers, the orignal used old peoples voices. the most common DVD has only the newer dubs. my friend has the old dvd. my only guess would be for you to go to an akira fan site like bbakira.co.uk (idk if its still up) and try to order it or youll have to torrent it.

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