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Looking good, surely a bit empty, the map need cars and a lot of decals ! to make dirty some areas and add some diversity. Also, when you will make the skybox, put some huge buildings. :-D

edit: ha well another thing, concerning the lightning, the streetlights are too yellow add in some red tons

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you should mess with the street level much more, right now its just a bunch of different textures buildings along the street, move some closer, some further, add some trees with those steel grates around them, make alcoves for building entrances etc its way too flat with no cover, dont have props be all of your cover

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wtf is up with the yellow lighting? :)

I find it really strange since everything else looks pretty nice, but the yellow street lamps really stand out. Also I dont really like the sidewalk texture, looks too fancy imo, and in general it feels a tad too open n empty, but its a good start.

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A little too yellow and the buildings are too low poly and flat, more 3d detail, certainly at the ground level you cant have 2d windows anymore

And all windows are dark, I could imagine some people who live there are home, some lights shining behind windows might help. Make it dynamic and a living place. Its static atm

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thanks for the feedback :)

more yellow light I here you say? ;)

I had tried more whiter looking streetlights in a test map which did look more aesthetically pleasing but I went with the yellow/orange ones in pursuit of realism, like the pics below




but the people have spoken and the much loved yellow lights will go :cool:

dirt and 3dskybox are already on the to do list

as for more detail in the buildings, I wanted to do that but at the moment (even though there are buildings in the way) you can see straight through the map, I played about with area portals yesterday, but that didn’t turn out quite as I had hoped, with the props it’s not so bad as I could always use start/fade Distance or func_occluder but the geometry is a pain at the mo

the sidewalk texture I wasn’t sure about either, the standard one that comes with hl2 doesn’t look right, the photo I took of the sidewalk texture was about 2 meters off the ground (couldn’t get any higher) and it needed the perspective fixing on it, probably would have been better to take photos of each pavement flag individually

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hey dude, I know the corner in the first picture. I spent three years in East Lansing. The second pic is familiar but I can't place it directly. ^^

You have to realize that cameras have a hard time white balancing in lighting conditions like that, and it seems to come out exaggerated in photos. Color temperature is very subjective - even if the "reality" were exactly like that, when you're walking around under street lamp lighting you really don't perceive the colors so harshly. Your eyes or your brain try to do a sort of white balancing so that you can distinguish colors and make out details.

By imposing that lighting on an immersive environment you're confusing people's brains. Lighting like that does make for neat pictures but it simply doesn't work in a game environment. In a realistic environment I think a lot of the lighting in a map should be pretty close to white, to keep people comfortable with their perception of it. Actually I look again and a lot of the lighting in your map is pretty white, which makes the yellow light cones stand out even more starkly.

I'm tired, I hope this makes sense.

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