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omai vagrant story was great <3

Woohoo, another fan :) I completed that game about 3 or 4 times and still never built the hardest armour set or any of the best weapons - the amount of time you'd need to invest to get the whole lot would be completely monstrous. I love games like that, where you an go through and play the basic (perhaps not the right for for VS!) plotline, and then the next time through there is so much more for you to do, especially thanks to the unlocked areas. I have this sort of cycle with that game (and ICO) where I go back and play them again every 6 months or so - in VS because there is still some room for improving my character, ICO because its so damn awesome ;)

That second shot is just the sort of camera angle Vagrant Story would give you after a boss fight; I'm just waiting for the stat bonus slot machine to appear :D The jaggy edges around the windows just make it even more authentic!

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