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Half Life 2 Skies

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Hello! I'm searching for a new half life 2 sky but haven't found anyone ! I've tried to search using google but no matches were found.

I have 2 questions.

1. Is there a program available to make half life 2 skies? I need a proper sky!

2. If you know some skies for hl2 please leave a link here.

Thanks.. I hopes someone knows hehe..


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You could get your camera and find a building or something high to get on top of and take your own sky pics.

Stand and face north with your camera level to the horizon and take a pic. Then rotate and do it for north-east, then east, and so on until you get a pic of each major direction, 8 total. Make sure you overlap them by a couple of inches. Then angle your camera up about 45 degrees and take a 4 pics, north, east, south, and west. Then take one straight up.

The hard part is stitching them together. Get them into photoshop and blend them all together. Mikezilla could probably tell you more about this part.

All this may only work if you're mapping this final texture to a dome shape though you could probably make it fit a cube shape.

I personally don't like terragen because it's terrians are just too unrealistic without a good deal of photoshopping. They all have that instantly recognizable terragen look.

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Vue d'Esprit is awesome, but usually i don't want all kinds of funky details on my skyline because those will look weird. And personally, i find that for 'just' skylines, Terragen works better. I wrote a tutorial on Terragen a while ago, let me look it up.

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