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Comic Character


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Hey everybody !

Yesterday I started a character ...

I didnt model high poly since a year perhaps.

Just want to get some feedback on this one.

The Body isnt that detailed because ther will be much

armor and stuff like that. I know ..there are some mistakes

at the knies , armmuscels , elbows ...

What i like is the head... it wasnt really clever to give him

this "angry look " because now it will be difficult to animate him well..

but we ll see :)




yellowmonster020mg.th.jpg yellowmonster035ta.th.jpg yellowmonster044hv.th.jpg

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THX for comments guys!

hehe.. yeah he´s pink... maybe next time i change the colour :P

youre right , the body was ugly.. i tried to put more detail into it.

so it fits better with the head.

I want to make him very strong with alot big muscels.

but this is not easy for me.. never modelled such a comic character.

next time i show you my refernce too if you want me to.

anyway.. hope you enjoy and dont forget to comment :cool:



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rofl @ csharp !

yes this will be a comic character...

i will show you the reference after the modelling is done...

@ ferret : what is edge looping ?

i will find out via my F1 button in 3ds max :D

i use boxmodelling with a symetrymodifyer and a meshsmooth

updates in 1 or 2 ours...


ps : but what do you think of the updated body?

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