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What the fuck..


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Ok, I've been messing with the Internet on my games PC today in order to play HL2, soon after I installed all the software and got connected I started getting these errors:






I've done a scan with AVG and Adaware SE and they come up with nothing. They only pop up when I'm connected to the Net, if I disconnect and carry on as before nothing comes up. They aren't recognised as pop-ups by my blocker so I really don't get what the Hell they are.


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Any computer without the messenger service disabled will enjoy such spam.


Well I've checked stuff on my dad's computer and his is enabled and has no pop-ups appearing...

Thankyou anyway, it's sorted it out cheers.

Right.. now to see if I can get HL2 running.. ooer..

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Fair enough.

Got HL2 running, medium settings, looks pretty nifty even on that. Loading times are a bit long though and it crashed when I messed around with the video settings (lol) Steam then wouldn't load in offline mode, so I had to reconnect to the net, open Steam and then disconnect again and it was fine. I guess Steam fucks up if you don't close it down properly huh?

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Messenger (not MSN messenger) is a service that automatically runs in Windows and is used for various networking admin things. Spammers have found a way to make it pop up on your computer and spam you with an advertisment, usually disguised as an error/warning message like the few you posted.

So, go to Adminitravie Tools -> Services, find it in the services list, and set it to Disabled. Problem solved. The Messenger service isn't anything bad in and of itself, it can just be trigger remotely by spammers.

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