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Hey im getting a laptop soon and i have herd some stuff about if you hold it in your lap you only shoot blanks. And as good as that sounds with college soon over the hill for me im looking to spread my seed to the world b/c the world needs ore of me. But heres my qquestion is it true? Plz anyone if they can hook me up with a site or anything id be much thankful

Thx! :P

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I checked Snopes for an article, but no luck.

From what I remember, it was just the heat from having it on your lap for a long time that could 'cook' the little ones.

I'm sure the same thing could happen if you had a cat on your lap for ages.

Nothing to be worried about, just use a table, its more comfortable anyway.

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Very small electromagnetic field and heat (propably the only two things a laptop "radiates") is not enough to do any real damage to your sperm, otherwise every man on the planet would be affected, there are sources that emit heat and have greater electromagnetic fields all around us. So don't worry and top your lap with a laptop.

Myth Busted!

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By Drew Cullen

Published Friday 22nd November 2002 10:10 GMT

And now for proof that some laptops run hotter than a badger. A 50-year old scientist, previously healthy, burned his penis after placing his laptop on his, err lap, for an hour. Oh, he was fully dressed in trousers and underpants, according to this letter printed in the Lancet, the UK's best-known medical journal. (reg req'd, free.)

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It's like boiling frogs....

You'd never notice.

Cute but the boiling frog myth is just a myth, you can actually try this out, go to kitchen and place your hand on a stove and put the heat on, just a low heat, so you don't burn your hand instantly, you start to feel very uncomfortable far from heat that can burn something or inflict damage through two layers of clothes.


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