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Battlemech "Mongo"


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Battlemech Model "Mongo"

Mostly feared by enemy infantery because of his max. 3 funky Gatlings.Has heavy armour at his sides to be protected from enemy rocket launchers (they don`t know that the feet are much more vulnerable , cause they are kinda stupid).

I think im gonna skin this candidate the next few days...



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Well that's seems really nice, reminds me the goliath in starcraft, in a more "thin" way.

But can we have a perspective wireframe view and a version with proper smoothing groups ? :-D

Ah, and i don't get it, why the model which seems rather lowpolymodeled has 16 sides cylinders for the shields support ?

waiting for more :)

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And is this a real name for a battlemech? In germany this a word that can be used to offence one. (comes from mongoloid aka down syndrome)

No, this is not a real name for an official Battlemech, cause this is not an official Battlemech. This Mech is created completely out of my imagination, without any refpics etc.

The name results from me, being not too death serious about what i have modeled together there.

But it`s not ment to offence anybody, and in general i don`t relate it with people with any kind of disease (although it seems to have it`s origin there).The word has become kind of a trendy word, used even by artists (remember "Mongo Clique" or "Marylin Mongo" ).

So`nobody needs to feel offenced.

PS: I`m from Germany too ;)

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