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I got a weird computer problem.


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Once in awhile, randomly, I usually only have Photoshop/AIM/IRC open on occassion, and recently this robotic-female voice says, "System Access." and thats all. And nothing happeands, I mean I havn't seen anything different. I ran Ad-Aware and stuff, but it continues. Is there something going on? ;/

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What kind of client do you got for IRC?

If it is a mIRC script it may be that you have sounds in it.

Also if you have sounds on in mIRC (still scripted such) and theres is a sound in one of the folders some one could trigger it.

There is a way to turn sound of though.

in channel window type /sound off

Its probably not that but you might try it at least.

Also check if AIM has sounds in it.

Thats all i can think of for now.


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