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Quake IV MP videos


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I'm sure they have Jynx - multiplayer was a tacked on part of Doom 3 but they are fairly pushing it in Quake 4.

Video looked good, and is certainly very reminiscent of Q3. I was always more of a UT fan myself but its nice to have a change :) The map looked pretty cool from a gameplay perspective, but architecturally it was rather bland. All the walls seemed flat with a texture planted on it. Admittedly it looked very smooth and streamlined to play - a very important thing in a fast DM map and it worked well in Q3 - but it wasn't exactly wow-ing visually.

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Im at quakecon right now and I played the mp demo. Nicely done. There is a very nice Quake III feel to it; like putting on a pair of old shoes. Its basically Quake III with different weapons and the Doom 3 engine. I dont know what the max players is caped at, but this one had about 10 people in it.

I can see this easily usurping quake III as the deathmatch game

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Looks very cool to me, though the map on display did look a little orthogonal to me. A lot of people are bashing the look of Quake IV on forums I frequent, saying it looks too much like Q3. I say that some things are worth doing 'traditionally', and it looks pretty bloody good to me. Plus, that's only one snapshot of it, I'm sure there'll be innovations a-plenty in the right areas.

I'll be buying it anyway :)

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Hmm it looks nice for sure, but from those vids i can't say it looks much more impressive than the old and outdated ut2k4, sure it has some nice technoligy but i can't see that much used in these vids.

I really hope q4 has some more diffrent styled enviroments like ut2k3/4 did. Otherwise it's not a game for me :(

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