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Not just the cool guys have updated webpages.


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Ok let's start with some positive comments :). First of all, this photograph


Is a true masterpiece. The site is really easy in use, but it's uneasy to read everything when it's centered to the left. I'd put everything in the centre, it's easier to read. Also, i think your portfolio would be much better with a great level in there so i'd focus on that. Your textures and models look pretty good but then have to put in practise with a level.

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Simple, I like the color.


I used Frontpage to write the code, since when your a nub like me, you want to check it out without saving it etc. (the preveiw is lovley I think).. But I'll just remove them if I care about it.

Daan0, yeah I know, I really need to make a map that I can be proud of, but I just hate the HL2 editor and I got no other game that I like D:!

Captain P, yeah I know, if I have time.

Lee, textures for my models? I show the texture maps on the props, and the weapon models haven't got any. Do you think of the textures on the maps? If so, I didn't make many of them ;)

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If you need a good wysiwyg editor I really suggest that you check out GoLive from Adobe, I used to use the Dreamweaver, but I have done so much coding by hand that it's tools are no use to me what so ever, so I use GoLive to design the sites since it integrates quite good with Photoshop and Illustrator.

I really like your site since it is very minimalistic, the way I like things, but there are some things you could do to improve the user experience and even make it look bit better.

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