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cs palmrich

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Hello friends all my friends!

I think i got the opportunity to show you my project cs palmrich, it's been 2 months of work.

I want to say that the map is very soon complete for beta stage, I'll talk about the level later and give you more information.

This map variant is different because as you see it is a desert theme with cliffs. Well i host more pics soon again.

On this pic what you see is mentioned to be a car park.


This is a road leading you to the central gates.


What do you think? comments please

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The architecture is a little chunky and reminds me of HL1 -- it could use a little finesse, as if to say "I AM SOURCE, HEAR ME ROAR". 'Un-orthogonalise' some of it for starters. The actual atmosphere looks good, as I could quite imagine that forecourt being an actual place. One niggly thing I noticed is that you have some lights in the first picture that are on and not illuminating anything :)

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At a first glance, it looked pretty convincing really.

Another note though: the newspaper dirt on the floor looks slightly out of place. Garbage is usually found around full garbage-cans and such. There's just a little too much garbage on one spot on an otherwise clean parking lot. Just felt odd.

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