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HL2/CSS Problem!


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I wasnt sure where shoud i post this, so i posted it to the "Mapcore Discussion"! Now to my problem:

First, this is my comp:

- AMD Athlon xp 3200+

- GF FX 5500 256mt

- Kingston 512 400mhz DDR

And the problem:

I have very low fps.. its allmost all the time 40, and i have 640x480 with all settings low, and mat_picmip 3. CS:S Looks very crappy, and still it doesnt work fine.. My friend have Athlon xp 2000+, Ati 9200se (<- 128mt) and 1024 ram, and he can run it with the same fps (and he have 800x600 all high and no picmip :/). And if i know right, cs:s is processor based game, so i should have atleast 20-30 better fps.. Is my low fps because of GF FX 5500?

I really like CS:S and i want to play it, but i hate to play it with that comp, because it feels like i have a big lag :/

Im sorry about my bad english, i hope that you can understand that :D

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HL2 and it's "siblings" are very dependant on shader performance, and the FX5500 is propably lower because it can use the dx9 shaders and the raddy9200 uses the old dx8.1 shaders, thusly not using so much of it's power to run the "eye hump" (yes that is a scientific term). Other deviously dastard is the memory, I have 512DDR and with my rack HL2 takes it's sweet time to load everything, so it might hinder your performance further. It is true that HL2 is very CPU dependant, BUT it is also very intelligent and scalable system, since I don't see that much of a difference between CPU performance with my old Athlon XP 2600+ and my new 64 3000+.

So, you might want to try the older dx8.1 shader model for the game.

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