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Jack Thompson is a douche bag


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He's just a failed ambulance-chaser lawyer which wants attention. So far he hasn't actually managed to do something, except hop on the bandwagon once something new and "shocking" happens.

Hopefully he will mess with the wrong company once, such as EA, and their legal team can blast him into the sun. I'd love to see that happen.

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I dont understand why people even give him notice, all his arguments lack substance and foundation. He's just some random guy crying out for attention.

But that is the american way. How do you think all those Paris Hiltons and whatshisname got to be superstars?

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I've never seen the guy actually conduct a civil debate via email. He typically just ignores logic and calls people idiots when his arguments are invariably torn apart. I'm of the opinion that debating with him is pointless, just cut to the insults. I pray for the day when he crosses swords with Leonard J. Crabs and is subject to a public humiliation (he's humiliated on the web all the time, but a SA humiliation means more readers knowing he's an idiot).

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The average email conversation with Jacko:

Jack: Games kill

gamer: actually, it has been proven that violence among america's youth is on the downfall.

Jack: Well you're an idiot.

gamer: How... immature

Jack: I know you are, but what am I?

gamer: Right...


Also, earlier I thought about this:

Many say that Jack is only doing this to get his name out there. However, the only people that'll know his name in 5 years will be us gamers, just like we're the only people who know who Gabe Newell and John Carmack are. However, since he's trying to kill gaming, if he has his way, we won't exist in 5 years as gamer, thus nobody will know him anyways. How fucking redundant. He's trying to kill the only people that'll know his name.

How about we stop talking about him, so we can begin the "Who the fuck is Jack Thompson?" fad

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