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Ubi has announced that yet another game based on the Might & Magic franchise is on the makes.

Ubisoft acquired M&M franchise in 2003 when 3DO filed bankruptcy. Ubi has already announced the first M&M game earlier this year which is based on the Heroes of Might & Magic series, it is on the works at Russian developer Nival Interactive of the Silent Storm fame.

The new game Ubi announced is sequel to the more traditional M&M rpg series, and it is developed by Arkane studios which also made Arx Fatalis, the new game is using the Source engine and is sheduled for release around Q3 2006.

The new game will bear the name "Dark Messiah of Might & Magic."

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I'm a huge fan myself, own all the HoMM (excluding the first) games and their expansions, and it just blows my mind to think how genius Ubi has been hiring the two developers that are "experts" in their respective areas, thinking about Nival which has done RTS and RPG type games and especially their knowledge from Silent Storm (I absolutely love this) games. And Arkane Studio that has knowledge of first-person dungeon crawls.

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